Driving Theory Tests
Drivingtest.co.uk is a FREE mock theory test simulator. It has been designed to look just like the screen you will see when actually sitting your test...so you can become familiar with the interface and navigation whilst practicing questions.

The database contains more than 1000 questions based on the latest editions of The Official Highway Code and Know your Traffic Signs publications by the Department of Transport.

The site has been optimised for use on mobile devices as well as computers, so you can squeeze in some revision on your phone when sat on the sofa, on a bus etc.

The screenshots below are taken from an iPad but the interface is similar on all devices.

Start a Mock Test
To start, simply click the big green GO button on the homepage. You will then have 57 minutes to answer 50 questions selected at random using a formula which ensures all areas of the syllabus are covered in every test.

Practice Questions

Navigating the website
Each question will tell you how many correct answers there are e.g. 3 in the example below. When you have highlighted 3 answers the NEXT button will activate which you can click to move onto the next question.

To revisit previous questions, click the PREVIOUS button.

If you are unsure about the answer to a particular question click the FLAG button and you can come back to it later by clicking the REVIEW/SCORE button.

You will see a clock displaying time remaining on the bottom right of the page.

Test Screen

Review/Score Button
Clicking this button displays the current status of your test including; questions answered, remaining questions and ‘flagged’ questions you were unsure about.

From this screen you can:
(1) Review all questions starting at Question 1
(2) Review the questions you flagged as being unsure about
(3) End the test immediately to see your score before answering all 50 questions

Theory Test Status

Ending a Test/Seeing your score
As in the real test, you do not see your score until the test has ended. A test can end in three ways:

(1) When you answer all 50 questions within the 57 minutes allowed
(2) If you run out of time i.e. you do not answer 50 questions within the 57 minutes
(3) You abort the test by clicking REVIEW/SCORE followed by the END TEST/SCORE button

The Test Result screen shows an overall Pass/Fail score along with a detailed report showing all your responses including correct answers for any questions you got wrong along with explanations.

Theory Test Result